Bamboo Charcoal Fibre has the advantage of absorbing toxins through the soles of your feet. In a similar way charcoal absorbs toxins when administered as an oral poisoning antidote.


Its loosely fitting top is totally non-restrictive to circulation and is therefore suitable for DIABETICS or people with CIRCULATION problems. Another health benefit of the charcoal is that it re-radiates far infrared rays which is very beneficial for cell metabolism and rejuvenation.


The bamboo charcoal fibre is restricted to the grey sole section of the sock only.


The Overall Composition: 46% Bamboo / 20% Bamboo Charcoal Fibre / 28% Cotton / 6% Elastane.

Bamboo Charcoal Health Socks BLACK/GREY

  • Pay online and pick up at the Aubrey Podiatry Clinic -45 Heaton Street, Timaru